Welcome in our rural inn of the moroccan south

The hostel is winner of Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016

Oasis de Fint

Come and join us in our beautiful hotel situated in the mountains overlooking the Oasis of Fint. You will be able to escape from the city life to spend time surrounded by nature, being only 15 kilometers from Ouarzazate, the city known for its special atmosphere. 


Ouarzazate is actually a passage way to the desert regions of Morocco. Its Kasbah, situated in the centre of the city, and the oases that surround it, make this city a magnificent destination to spend several pleasant days. Here, you can enjoy nature while being in a modern city: modernity of which its inhabitants are proud. Discover the real Morocco and enjoy a jaunt that will enable you to get to know the Berber lifestyle, far from the European-style cities of the north.


The hotel

The Terrasse des Délices is a family hotel, a good alternative to the big hotels of the city, with 13 rooms decorated in a traditional way with fantastic views, probably the best! While drinking delicious tea, you will be charmed by the calm of these beautiful landscapes.
Spending time with us, you will enjoy calm, serenity, and live music at night. Every morning, our family will prepare you the traditional bread, the famous "galettes Aghroum" which are a speciality of the South. You can even roll up your sleeves and join in the fun of preparing them.
Spend a day visiting typical villages with local Berber activity.
We organize excursions: a few hours riding on donkeys, climbing mountains, visiting the local tribes’ houses where time-long traditions have not been forgotten.
After this magnificent stay you will return home absolutely and totally amazed!

The rooms
Our rooms are the best in the region. We guarantee their cleanliness and tranquillity.We offer 11 rooms (single, double or triple) and 2 suites, for a total capacity of 30 persons. They are all equipped with reversible air conditioning. Our hotel is more like a family home where you feel comfortable and welcome! Please contact us before your stay so that we can provide everything you need.
Our rooms are simply but admirably well decorated with handicrafts of the region. You will really feel that you are in Morocco but also elsewhere than in the usually visited touristic cities. We provide you with the opportunity to live the authentic life of the region!
No doubt you will be surprised and you will remember good times you have spent with us.Our hotel has the most beautiful views that can be found in all Morocco, allowing you to escape the urban life of Ouarzazate.


The swimming pool

You will find a swimming pool on the terrace looking up the mountains. Relax and have a cup of tea while listening to local live music.

The terrace
The terrace has given its name to the hotel.You will discover why as soon as you get there : overlooking the Oasis, all the surrounding villages, palm trees and the river!
A magnificent landscape!


Oasis de Fint

Local bakery with traditional bread. Every morning you will be able to join the women who manufacture the bread in the surrounding communities. It is different from the bread made in other areas of the Southern Morocco. It is eaten with a dribble of locally-pressed olive oil or even with traditional tajines and couscous. Our restaurant will be happy to serve you these tasty dishes.
Our "galettes Agroum" are shallower than the bread in the rest of Morocco and their manufacture is similar to Hindu Nan bread. This is crunchy bread that you should taste at all costs! 


Varied typical dishes are proposed. The authentic cooking is made by our family. You must try our couscous, tajines, traditional “harira” soup and keftas.
You are welcome to choose between eating inside the restaurant (seating for 50 people) or on the terrace (for 40 people), in the shade of our summer heat.

Local manufacture of ceramic objects
Very close to our hotel is a local craftsman who manufactures ceramic objects. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about ceramics with local craftsmen. Meet Hassan and observe how and object is made and dried. His studio is located just below our terrace.
It is a wonderful place to work, since his workshop also benefits from the view. It's incredible to think that such work locations exist.

The music and local folklore
All the Fint Oasis villages are deeply influenced by their sub-Saharan origins. Its inhabitants are descendants of the sub-Saharan Africans; this means rhythms are different from the rest of Morocco. In our daily evening shows, you can join us and listen to a mixture of music (Berber, African, Arabic and Touareg), and also dance, or even play a traditional instrument.
Depending on demand, we can organise evenings with folk performances that combine our African roots with Moroccan Berber traditions. You only have to ask and we will offer authentic folklore that exists only in the villages of the Fint Oasis.


The excursions
Excursions on donkey-back in the mountains.
It is possible to go on excursions and visit the villages of the Fint Oasis in donkey back. Choose either a half-day or whole day excursion.

  • Day trips

Ride on a donkey’s back cross the river to reach the Berber village of Belghizi. In Belghizi, you visit the house of a local family, drink tea and enjoy culinary specialities. We tour the village and return to our hotel before sunset. You get back before dinner time and before the music starts.

  • A half-day tour

Leave after breakfast, cross the Oasis and reach the village of Timoula. There, meet a local family and drink tea together. Spend an agreeable moment before heading back to the hotel.






* Work experience many years as chauffeur and guide in a travel agency.